Head Decries Magazine Choices At Checkout Lines

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Responding to her widespread leaked email in which she vents about the food purchase choices of the woman buying groceries in front of her, District B Councilmember Stacy Head today dashed off another email explaining her comments.

From: Stacy Head
To: NOLAFugees Staff
Re: my supermarket email

You all have been in lines at Rouse’s and Breaux Mart. All they have in the way of reading material are Oprah, Essence, Source, and, Jet. Who the hell reads that? And the Wal-Mart? Jeez, those urban fiction books. Can’t those women keep their hands off of other womens’ husbands? So anyway, without anything decent to read like House & Garden or Metropolitan Home or Gambit’s CUE lifestyle supplement, what is there to do in line but vilify and silently despise the person in front of you. We all do it. In bank lines, at traffic stops. Can I help it if the woman happened to be black and paying with food stamps? Hell, that’s over the half the city (or at least it used to be, lol). So please understand where my comments were coming from. Deep down, don’t we all hate each other?


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